25 things about me:) part 2

6. I am shamefully addicted to tv. That's right. I hate admitting that. I have to watch it before I go to bed. What's even worse is that "Heroes" is my favorite. I can't help it. Oh, and the first season scared me so badly that I couldn't watch it at night. 

7.  I cry all the time. Movies, sad stories, heck, happy stories. I don't think I can make it though a family holiday without crying.  I even cried during the last presidential election. You can make your own assumptions on whether it was a happy cry or a sad cry.

8. I love to play games, board games, video games, sports, cards. But
 I'm also very competitive. I'm learning to control that...I think:)

9. My best friend from high school and I still see each other about every month. If not, we at least talk on the phone. We went to school together from kindergarten on. She knows all the yucky stuff I've done but she's still my friend anyway. Love you, Emma:)

10. I hate winter time. I hate snow too. I want warm weather, hot weather. My dream vacation would be to sit on a beach and do nothing. Matt would never go for that. Pretty sure I will never get a vacation like that. 

This is Slone at about 7 months, I think.....

Which brings me to...

11. I always thought that I'd be able to remember things, i.e. dates, who's in that picture, where we were. You know the things that you said you'd never forget. I don't remember them. They are gone, long gone. I can remember thinking, "why can't Mom remember if that's me or Charity in that baby picture?" I'm sorry, Mom. I totally understand. 
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25 things about me:) part 1

This is stolen from Facebook. But I hate that website. It kinda gives me the creeps:) But I'm still addicted. I'm going to do this in little installments though. Hey it's late and I've got to go watch Heroes and Chuck (I'll explain in the list:)
Oh and I hate post without pics so here's one of me and Slone at Christmas this year. 

1. I talk to my mother at least once a day. Sometimes 3 or 4 times. My sisters all come in at a close second. If one of them doesn't answer, I go down the line until one of them does answer. 

2. I think that my husband is the best looking guy in the room...any room. I always have. The first time I saw him I about died. Had to meet him. Yup, pretty sure I loved him right then. 

3. My children, I love them.  It makes me feel like SuperMom when Slone volunteers an I love you. Or when someone tells me how wonderful and polite my children are. (That is until my 4 year old calls his uncle a "psycho".)

4. I use the word "psycho" way to much.

5. I hate doing the dishes. More. than. anything.

to be continued...
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Happy Birthday, Turbo!

Yup, tomorrow my little Bo is two! I can't really believe it. Honestly, it really seems like he should still be this little helpless, but oh so loud baby. Well, he is still loud. Look at him here all grown up with the spiky hair. 

We had his birthday party on Sunday afternoon with family. He acted really grown up. He also ate a lot of cake. Speaking of cake, here's a pic of the cupcakes that I made. 

No, I can't take credit for the little Bo heads. But I cannot for the life of me find the blog of the mom who did it first. Obviously, I have spent i.e. wasted a ton of time reading blogs. Here's the link where I got it from. You can get it for free. But Bo loved having his face on the cakes!

Birthday party fun! Thanks cousin Adam:) Oh yeah, and his daddy took care of the spiky hair. He shaved it all off on Sunday morning!

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Does anyone else have this problem?

We have issues...issues with ladybugs. But wait! You are not supposed to call them ladybugs; they are Asian beetles.

Well, I'm done caring. They stink, they bite, they are always in my house. As much as I love these 70 degree, first days of November, I have to agree with Matt and say that I can't wait til it freezes. Then the stinky little beetles will die!
And there is not just one or two, they come in swarms, especially when the sun is shining in my front door.

Also, I'm not a fan of Halloween. But Slone is now:) Here's what he got trick-or-treating at Aunt Renee's.

Lovely, isn't it? Bo is scared to death of it:) So yeah, it was perfect for Halloween. That's as scary as we get:)

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Freebie Desktop Wallpaper

I love all of these calendars that you can put on your computer. You can find a ton of freebies out there if you know where to look. I found this tonight and added the boys. Here's what I see when I pull up my screen:) Of course, there are tons of little shortcuts on it but it's still sweet just the same.

You can follow this link to All Things Visual to get it for yourself!

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This is me

This is a fun website to check out... http://wordle.net/ ...I put in all the answers to my little questionaire below to come up with this.

update: I just logged in and took another look at this and the first word that jumped out at me was "spit" -- glamourous, huh?

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You know you are a bad cook when....

you burn the microwave popcorn. I think our microwave has a mind of its own! I set it for 3 minutes every time and sometimes it's perfect, sometimes to many old maids, and sometimes burnt. Actually, the microwave is too small for the bags of popcorn. It's a little dorm sized one that Matt got for his birthday before we got married....and our 7 year anniversary is coming up in about 3 weeks.
I'd really like to have a new one, but I'd like to have all new appliances first:)

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Happy Birthday to me!

I know it really doesn't matter anymore....since I have two kids and I'm over the age of 21! But birthdays are still fun. Slone thinks he should get a present (a cowboy Woody doll) for my birthday. He also asked me when we were going to have my party.

Not much excitement here today, even if it is my birthday. Here are some pics of my flowers from yesterday. The boys had a great time riding around together.

I promise to get to work on some new totes! Everyone has been complimenting the one I've been carrying! I'll post some pictures of some new fabric that I bought for them:)

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All work....and no play?

Here is Matt...work, work, work. He makes sure that everything is nice and tidy before going in the house. Now once he gets in the house, that's a different story. But his truck is immaculate, he says the house is not....well, we don't eat, sleep and play in the truck!

Obviously, it's not all work:)

Seriously though, I am so proud of my husband and the work that he does.

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Moving dirt back and forth

This may be what my entire summer consists of. It seems as though, all the boys want to do is be outside. Grandpa Windish built them a sandbox last year, and it is the main attraction so far. We now have sand everywhere....especially outside of the sandbox!

Honestly, it will be nice to be outside again. It rained today, and Nickelodeon is getting on my nerves. We are all ready for sunshine and eighty degrees! Well, seventy-five at least.
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What it is, Mom?

That was the question earlier this evening. It hailed, and Slone was totally impressed! They weren't super huge chunks but it covered our back deck. That's Slone's little hand holding one of the biggest pieces. No damage was done, but Daddy said that he better put his tractor away. It really cooled down too, after it was all over.

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My Boys

We were outside again last night. I cannot help but share some of these pictures. These boys are just too cute not to share.

He loves those fingers.


Slone is so tall. He's really turning into such a little man.

I love this one of Bo.

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