I almost forgot...

  • Sep, 09 , 10
  • windish01@yahoo.com

Senior year. How could I forget? Well, I kind of want to forget. I was angry that year. Didn't have a lot of fun. My husband, Matt, always says he would love to go back to high school. NO WAY! I couldn't wait to get out of there. Our class had dwindled down to 5 kids...including me and a foreign exchange student. Emma, my best friend, had a boyfriend and asthma and somehow that always equaled skipping school. So I didn't really have anyone to hang out with...except the boys.

Oh sheesh, the boys. I had a crush on any of them that didn't have a crush on me back. There was a kid named Jonathan. He repeatedly told me he loved me. He was sweet but he was a sophmore. Someone dared him to kiss me one time. He did it. I was shocked, I didn't think he had the guts. He actually became a pretty good friend after that. We ended up working together at the Hungry Hobo...oh yes, the Hungry Hobo, it's a sandwich shop.

I was named to the all-tournament team for the four year in a row that year at our conference volleyball tournament. It was by coaches vote. My own coach didn't vote for me though, just because I had won it before. She evidently thought the love needed to be spread around. Really hurt my feelings. If that wouldn't have been the end of the season, I might have just quit.

For our senior trip the four of us...sans exchange student...went to Cancun. We raised money all year long, doing some crappy work for people. We collected pop cans, total waste of time. We threw dead ducks out of little hunting stands so these crazies could send their bird dogs out after them to retrieve them. That actually made us the most money. We ended up in a crappy hotel but it was right across the street from Senor Frogs. We laid out all day then went dancing at night. It was a crazy trip. I'm not going into many details on that one. But I'm sure that our Spanish for "virgin" strawberry daiquiris was lost in translation. (remember, we were Christian school kids...I still cannot believe they let us go:) 

I graduated third in my class...haha. I enrolled at the community college and worked all summer at camp and the Hobo.

The next year I met Matt. I knew I would marry him the moment I met him.  But I will save that story for next week.



Sep 09 ,2010

Ha! I love all the personality in this post! Throwing dead ducks for crazies…lol!

And looking forward to next week when you meet Mr. Right:)


Sep 09 ,2010

Your money raising efforts were funny! I never attended my senior class trip because I didn’t know most of the people going!