Scaredy Cat - age 7

Well, seven seems like a long time ago. Mrs. Johnson was my second grade teacher. She ended up being my teacher all through grade school. She was probably one of the best teachers I ever had. I can't remember much about school that year. My grades get mixed up. Since we were in a private school, we had little classes. They put 1st and 2nd grades (and 3rd and 4th, then 5th and 6th) together. Bless Mrs. Johnson. What a mess that must have been for her!


I can't remember if I was seven when this little story happened or not, I could have been younger. But I vividly remember this:

We (Charity, my younger sister and I) would get to stay with Aunt Jeanne if our parents went out of town. I loved Aunt Jeanne. She had a beauty parlor chair in her dining room/kitchen. Every Saturday morning, all these old ladies would come chat and get their hair done. We could never have the tv very loud when they were there. She also was a seamstress. I wish that I could meet her and my Grandma Rench now. They are my mom's mother and sister. They were both creative and made things. I would love to be able to sit with them and Mom and crochet or quilt.


Anyway, Aunt Jeanne had this big old house. In my seven year old mind, heck in my 29 year old mind, it looked like a haunted house. When you walked in the front door, the stair steps were right in front of you. She had a huge heavy curtain hanging in front of the steps. Nobody slept up there anymore, so she didn't heat it. But when you did get to go upstairs, it was this huge treasure on the show "Hoarders". I am not kidding. The upstairs was packed full of stuff. I was scared to go up there, scared I would never get back down. But I was scared of everything as a kid. I wish I wasn't that way and would've enjoyed things a little more.

Which brings me to my story...Aunt Jeanne's cat had kitties. Charity and I wanted one each so badly. My older sisters, Laura and Lyn, (for some crazy reason) took us over there to get two kitties. Remember, they are 17 and 15 years older than I am, so they could drive. Laura was home from college. She drove a little brown car. We picked out our kitties and put them in a box in the back seat. We started off for home. Aunt Jeanne lived probably 20 minutes from our house.

Charity and I could not wait til we got home to get a hold on those kitties. So we opened the box against our sisters warnings. Everything was going along nicely until the kitties started getting restless. Then one of them got sick, as in diarrhea on the back seat. Then one of them scratched Charity. I told her she was bleeding....she needed to know. Laura and Lyn both had their windows down with their heads out the windows. They wouldn't roll the back ones down for fear of the kitties escaping while driving down the road. Everyone was screaming and Laura and Lyn were laughing. Charity was so traumatized by the blood that Lyn let her climb up into the front seat, while I was left in the back seat to ward of kitties and poop with anything Laura had brought home with her from college, namely her pillows. Nobody could breathe because of the stench in the car. I'm so glad I didn't have to drive that car 12 hours back to Atlanta.

The kitty that I got ended up getting ran over in our driveway a couple weeks later. I didn't really even care. I hated that cat after that afternoon. Still hate cats.

Lyn, Jake, me, Mom, Charity, Laura, Dad      circa 1988
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June 1981 - Mommy's Piggy Tales

As some of you know, I started writing my "story" this year. I joined a group called "Mommy's Piggy Tales".  I found the group half way through so now it's time to start from the beginning.

Sportin' the faux hawk almost 30 years ago.

I was born in June of 1981 to John and Susan. I'm number four of five kids. My oldest sister Laura was 17 when I was born. Lyn was 15 and Jake was 11. I was breach so Mom had to have a csection. She always jokes about pushing down on her belly thinking that the large bump up in her ribs was my butt but it was actually my head.

 I don't think that there was anything really "odd" about my birth except for the csection. Now that's not even a big deal. I've had two. At that time, the fathers weren't allowed into the delivery room. So Dad had to wait outside.


Check out my dad's hair. Just a little bit of white in the front. I can't really even remember him with dark hair. All through grade school, kids thought he was my grandpa. He was 38 when I was born.


Look at my stylin' mom. It wouldn't surprise me if she made that shirt. That's where I get all my creativity. No offense to Dad either, he'd say the same thing. She was 37. I think this picture was at my baby shower once we got home. The cake said "Welcome Home, Heater." Then someone at the party scraped it off and frosted in Heather.

Speaking of my name, my sister Laura named me. A friend of hers at the time was Heather Sweeney. Laura called me Heather Beanie. Somehow, someone said Hezzie Beanie, and then that was eventually shortened to Hez. Only a few people still call me that. Dad, my sisters, a pastor's wife from my childhood, and now one of my sisters-in-law, ever use that name.
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Meeting Mattie

Yes, I call my husband Mattie. Yes, he hates it. Yes, I don't care...he calls me Sunshine. Glad we got that out of the way.

I went out to camp that night to be a counselor for the weekend retreat in May of 2000. I saw Matt but didn't know who he was, but I knew I wanted to find out. Our mutual friend Twig had been trying to set us up for a couple of months but it had never worked out. Well, Twig was there and grabbed me, telling me I needed to meet this boy. Tell me something I don't know, I thought. Matt was the most beautiful boy I had ever see in my life.  Seriously, look at him.


I was in love right then. I hardly even heard what Twig was saying when he introduced us. Then I realized he was telling us how we would be perfect for each other. I could've killed him! I was so embarrassed. But the next day, Matt and I started to get to know each other....far away from Twig. That night I had to work, and oh yeah, I had to break up with my boyfriend, because I knew I was going to marry Matt.  I was on the phone at work telling my boyfriend we need to meet that night and Charity came into the back room yelling he's here! Sure enough, Matt showed up with Twig, no less, but he was there.


After that we were pretty much inseparable, that is until that fall. Earlier that year, before I met Matt, my sister Laura had asked me to come to South Carolina and live with her for a semester and coach volleyball with her. I knew I didn't want to back out of that, but Matt thought it was a good idea for me to go. As excited as I was to live with Laura, I did not want to leave him. But I did. I knew he loved me when he drove all the way down there for Labor day weekend.


We ended up getting engaged the following May. It was actually Lyn's idea for us to get married at the camp. We both thought it was a great idea since that's where we met. We got married on September 8, 2001. That morning was overcast and I thought it was going to rain all day. It actually cleared up and the sun came out, and in my opinion, had the best outdoor wedding ever. I remember thinking I didn't want it to end.


We lived here for the first 4 years we were married. Slone was born while we lived there. I loved that little house. It had stained glass windows and the cutest little porch.  We've since moved to the house we live in now, started the trucking business, had our share of ups and downs, but we've survived this far.
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I almost forgot...

Senior year. How could I forget? Well, I kind of want to forget. I was angry that year. Didn't have a lot of fun. My husband, Matt, always says he would love to go back to high school. NO WAY! I couldn't wait to get out of there. Our class had dwindled down to 5 kids...including me and a foreign exchange student. Emma, my best friend, had a boyfriend and asthma and somehow that always equaled skipping school. So I didn't really have anyone to hang out with...except the boys.

Oh sheesh, the boys. I had a crush on any of them that didn't have a crush on me back. There was a kid named Jonathan. He repeatedly told me he loved me. He was sweet but he was a sophmore. Someone dared him to kiss me one time. He did it. I was shocked, I didn't think he had the guts. He actually became a pretty good friend after that. We ended up working together at the Hungry Hobo...oh yes, the Hungry Hobo, it's a sandwich shop.

I was named to the all-tournament team for the four year in a row that year at our conference volleyball tournament. It was by coaches vote. My own coach didn't vote for me though, just because I had won it before. She evidently thought the love needed to be spread around. Really hurt my feelings. If that wouldn't have been the end of the season, I might have just quit.

For our senior trip the four of us...sans exchange student...went to Cancun. We raised money all year long, doing some crappy work for people. We collected pop cans, total waste of time. We threw dead ducks out of little hunting stands so these crazies could send their bird dogs out after them to retrieve them. That actually made us the most money. We ended up in a crappy hotel but it was right across the street from Senor Frogs. We laid out all day then went dancing at night. It was a crazy trip. I'm not going into many details on that one. But I'm sure that our Spanish for "virgin" strawberry daiquiris was lost in translation. (remember, we were Christian school kids...I still cannot believe they let us go:) 

I graduated third in my class...haha. I enrolled at the community college and worked all summer at camp and the Hobo.

The next year I met Matt. I knew I would marry him the moment I met him.  But I will save that story for next week.
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Do you realize that I have to scan all pictures from my childhood. It must be like my mom having only black and white of hers. It's pretty funny looking back on these. I can remember thinking I was pretty hot stuff in this outfit. You can't see it though. It was a red turtleneck that was way loose on me. Loose, because I was just about the only girl around with boobs so I was extremely self conscious. My skirt was a pleated black and white check skirt that came down to my knees. Then I wore black pantyhose and black patent (p)leather high healed mary janes. Oh yeah, and I had some pin on my shirt that I borrowed from my mom!


I don't know though. I look a little drugged. I usually did around this time in my life. I just didn't open my eyes all the way, I still don't. But geez, is that any worse than the looks on my older sisters' faces?:)

spooks..haha...gotta love them.

So our old school closed down. We were all really excited because we could wear pants to the new school. BUT, we had to have "seat-covers". I kid you not people. In case you were confused, "seat-covers" were shirts that were long enough to cover your butt, lest some boy accidently looked at your butt thought naughty things about you. Sometimes I can't believe that this is the school my parents volentarily sent us too.


Proof right here...That was our cheerleading outfit that year.

The numbers in the classes dropped severely too. Our class went from being one of the largest to only 5 of us by the time we graduated. The new school was mainly run by a board of parents that sent their kids to our school. We (meaning me, Lester, and Emma) hated the board.  We got accused of a lot gossip and crappy things that year. It was pretty much awful.


Still played vball. Still loved it. But I'm kinda sick of talking about it.

Had my first boyfriend that year too. His name was Josh. He called me "QT PI" but he spelled pi like you would in algebra. He was my first kiss. He broke up with me because well, we were 15 and what really do 15 year olds have in common besides crappy music and school. He didn't go to our school either.
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I dug out my yearbooks, so now I finally have a couple of pictures for you. I still cannot find my scrapbook so these scanned black and whites will have to do for awhile.

So freshman year was fun. I got to do a lot of different things that year at school. I was part of a vocal ensemble. We ended up and won the Christian school state competition that year and got to go to Bob Jones University for Nationals. It was a long trip in a 15 passenger van listening to the driver singing bass (and bad bass at that) the whole way there. We slept in the dorms there, itty bitty dorms. We sang in a little practice hall and competed in a large class room. We didn't win, but it was worth the trip.

I played varsity volleyball that year too. We went to state that year and won second place.

I still was cheerleading and the boys were invited to Wisconsin to a college there for a tournament. We rode in a miserable school bus with very little heat in February to a town north of Green Bay.

Here I am on the yearbook staff. Good grief. I hate 90's pics. I have a suit on for crying out loud, and I'm only 14!

Our school started to fall apart that year. There were a lot of rumors and a lot of sadness that year too.  A lot of people left angry and a lot of people left hurt, and I think for the most part a lot of us left confused.  Some of the parents decided to open a new school that was run by themselves. Just wait for that story.
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Eighth Grade

Well, eighth grade runs into seventh grade and ninth grade for me. We didn't graduate from eighth grade like most junior highers. I was in volleyball again. I was the captain of the jv team and got to play on the varsity team too. It made a lot of girls mad. I didn't care though, I loved volleyball that much.

I cheered that year too. I was the captain of the jv cheer squad too. But later on in the year the school secretary told me that the coach wanted me on varsity but didn't want the other girl that was in my class to be on the varsity squad. So they decided to hold me back. I'm pretty sure that's when I quit liking cheerleading....and that girl.

During the summers, I was involved with Faith Bible Camp. It is definitely one of my favorite places to be. I hung out with Cathy and Janel for those few summers in junior high. We had a blast, swimming, singing, Bible memory, and of course there were always boys there to be around. I loved a boy named Ben. We were both so shy though that I don't think we even talked to each other that year. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't shy...but think of all the trouble I would've been in!

After we moved back home, Mom and Dad had Gramma and Grampa over every Sunday after church for dinner. We didn't have the kitchen done in our new house yet, so Dad grilled a lot. Gramma Morey started to develope Ahlzheimers somewhere in that time. It wasn't really bad for quite a while but that was around the time that I realized that she wasn't always spot on. My older sister Lyn and her husband Mike would join us too. That's exactly what I love about my family, is that we always ate together. We had a lot of great times around that table that my dad built.
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