June 1981 - Mommy's Piggy Tales

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As some of you know, I started writing my "story" this year. I joined a group called "Mommy's Piggy Tales".  I found the group half way through so now it's time to start from the beginning.

Sportin' the faux hawk almost 30 years ago.

I was born in June of 1981 to John and Susan. I'm number four of five kids. My oldest sister Laura was 17 when I was born. Lyn was 15 and Jake was 11. I was breach so Mom had to have a csection. She always jokes about pushing down on her belly thinking that the large bump up in her ribs was my butt but it was actually my head.

 I don't think that there was anything really "odd" about my birth except for the csection. Now that's not even a big deal. I've had two. At that time, the fathers weren't allowed into the delivery room. So Dad had to wait outside.


Check out my dad's hair. Just a little bit of white in the front. I can't really even remember him with dark hair. All through grade school, kids thought he was my grandpa. He was 38 when I was born.


Look at my stylin' mom. It wouldn't surprise me if she made that shirt. That's where I get all my creativity. No offense to Dad either, he'd say the same thing. She was 37. I think this picture was at my baby shower once we got home. The cake said "Welcome Home, Heater." Then someone at the party scraped it off and frosted in Heather.

Speaking of my name, my sister Laura named me. A friend of hers at the time was Heather Sweeney. Laura called me Heather Beanie. Somehow, someone said Hezzie Beanie, and then that was eventually shortened to Hez. Only a few people still call me that. Dad, my sisters, a pastor's wife from my childhood, and now one of my sisters-in-law, ever use that name.



Oct 08 ,2010

What an adorable faux hawk!


I do like your mom’s blouse.

Thanks for sharing.

Laura T

Oct 08 ,2010

I loved reading your story, and how you got your name! I can’t wait to read more next week.

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