• Sep, 17 , 10

When I was a new mom and Slone was not even a year old yet, my friend Amy invited me to a MOPS meeting. I think she asked me 3 or 4 times before I went. I am so glad I did. Those women kept me sane, knowing that they were going through some of the same feelings that I was kept me strong. MOPS stands for Mothers of PreSchoolers. It's a nation-wide organization that has groups all over the country.

thegirls copy

We get together to chat, to encourage one another, to pray for one another, and to have fun.

praying copy

Those girls have become some of my best friends. Our group has evolved since then, some have "graduated" from MOPS, some got jobs, some moved away, and some new ones have come to join. But our group of girls is having a great time this year! We are having some awesome speakers come in. And we are doing some great new crafts.


I know that I sound like a broken record, but I would have never went if Amy wouldn't have asked me so many times. I really wish that you all would come and be encouraged!

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Marci and Michelle got some air on this one:)

IMG_0968 copy

You know you want to try it out after seeing that:) Here's our website...visit it now!



Sep 17 ,2010

these pictures made my day! I especially love the prayer picture…only my boob made that picture!! ha! Great post, Heather…I hope it makes more ladies want to join our fun group!