craftiness and indecisiveness

I'm in charge of the creative activities at MOPS. And our first meeting of the year is next Monday! I'm so excited! So excited in fact, that I can't decide on a craft!!

I really, really want to make these:

I think I will make them today and see how hard they would be to teach. We are going to have a little bit of extra time on Monday for crafts so it might be a good day to teach these. And I already have the knit fabric.

Or we can do these:
IMG_3724 copy

I crocheted the ruffle edge on the EAT towel...too much for mops? I can teach that part or we can just glue on the ribbons and ricrac. Maybe I'll just take both and let them decide there!

The idea for the towels came from Life Made Lovely. She had a post on them. She saw them here. I kind of did my own little take on them:)

Tell me, which would you rather do? I can always save one for a later meeting.
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chalkboard pots

I love terra cotta flower pots. love them. they are so timeless, rustic, and they are cheap!

plain jane

I had some left over chalkboard paint from this project. I decided to paint it on just the top rim. It dries relatively quickly.


chalkboard pot

Then I used a white paint pen and drew some scallops on it.

I planted some succulents in it and wrote on it. I love how simple it is!

finished chalkboard pot

We are making these for MOPS on Monday morning! But we will be sharing some herb seeds instead of actual plants!
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apple printing

Ok, so this might be a little old-school, but I think the end result is cool. It reminds me of a craft we might have done at vbs or something. But remember, it's all in the packaging...

apple print cards I right? Tie up a little set of notecards with a brown ribbon and you have yourself a great little gift for someone or keep 'em pretty for yourself.

Here are my supplies:

card supplies pads in fall colors..some fall stamps..alphabet stamps..ribbon
I got everything at Joann's. Save your coupons for Joann's, it helps...really!

You may cut your apples either way. Up and down gives you the traditional looking apple print.


And crosswise gives you a cool star print in the middle.


Make sure to wipe all the excess juice off of the cut apple. I just used a plain old paper towel. Then take your stamp pad to the apple. I did a few practice prints on a sheet of paper just to get a feel for it. It also helps to fold up a paper towel under your card so your apple can print evenly.


See the cool star print? I jazzed it up with some fall stamps I got for a buck.


I also used my letters...just in case you weren't sure:) And my sharpie to add some detail.


Just a fun little way to help welcome in the fall!


We are making these at MOPS on Monday, October 11 at 8:45am! Come and join the fun! Click the MOPS pic for more info!

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When I was a new mom and Slone was not even a year old yet, my friend Amy invited me to a MOPS meeting. I think she asked me 3 or 4 times before I went. I am so glad I did. Those women kept me sane, knowing that they were going through some of the same feelings that I was kept me strong. MOPS stands for Mothers of PreSchoolers. It's a nation-wide organization that has groups all over the country.

thegirls copy

We get together to chat, to encourage one another, to pray for one another, and to have fun.

praying copy

Those girls have become some of my best friends. Our group has evolved since then, some have "graduated" from MOPS, some got jobs, some moved away, and some new ones have come to join. But our group of girls is having a great time this year! We are having some awesome speakers come in. And we are doing some great new crafts.


I know that I sound like a broken record, but I would have never went if Amy wouldn't have asked me so many times. I really wish that you all would come and be encouraged!

IMG_0967 copy
Marci and Michelle got some air on this one:)

IMG_0968 copy

You know you want to try it out after seeing that:) Here's our website...visit it now!
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a stencil bag

the finished bag

Not really a fan of stencils. When I think of them, I think of the little hearts and the country blue ribbons that everyone used to paint on the bulkheads in their kitchens. You know what I'm talking about. But this bag is just way too cool. I can't take credit for it though. Here's where I got the idea. But I'm going to show you how to do it.

You need a paper doily. You can find these with all the cake making stuff at Hobby Lobby or Joann. I found a pack of the bags (they come in 3s) and some fabric paint in the same aisle at Hobby Lobby. You also need some spray glue. I have some quilt basting spray which is esencially spray glue and it worked just fine. Just make sure to spray it all.


Position your doily where you want it and start painting. It works best if you "pounce" the brush instead of actually trying to brush it on. Make sure that you pull the doily off while the paint is still wet too. Then you need to draw your initial on the bag. I traced around a metal "w" that I have sitting on my desk. It turned out to be the perfect size.


Then paint it in.


Like it? Want to make one with me? Come to our MOPS group on Monday, September 13. It's the craft that we are going to do. Click here for some more info on MOPS.

the finished bag
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