Meeting Mattie

  • Sep, 16 , 10

Yes, I call my husband Mattie. Yes, he hates it. Yes, I don't care...he calls me Sunshine. Glad we got that out of the way.

I went out to camp that night to be a counselor for the weekend retreat in May of 2000. I saw Matt but didn't know who he was, but I knew I wanted to find out. Our mutual friend Twig had been trying to set us up for a couple of months but it had never worked out. Well, Twig was there and grabbed me, telling me I needed to meet this boy. Tell me something I don't know, I thought. Matt was the most beautiful boy I had ever see in my life.  Seriously, look at him.


I was in love right then. I hardly even heard what Twig was saying when he introduced us. Then I realized he was telling us how we would be perfect for each other. I could've killed him! I was so embarrassed. But the next day, Matt and I started to get to know each other....far away from Twig. That night I had to work, and oh yeah, I had to break up with my boyfriend, because I knew I was going to marry Matt.  I was on the phone at work telling my boyfriend we need to meet that night and Charity came into the back room yelling he's here! Sure enough, Matt showed up with Twig, no less, but he was there.


After that we were pretty much inseparable, that is until that fall. Earlier that year, before I met Matt, my sister Laura had asked me to come to South Carolina and live with her for a semester and coach volleyball with her. I knew I didn't want to back out of that, but Matt thought it was a good idea for me to go. As excited as I was to live with Laura, I did not want to leave him. But I did. I knew he loved me when he drove all the way down there for Labor day weekend.


We ended up getting engaged the following May. It was actually Lyn's idea for us to get married at the camp. We both thought it was a great idea since that's where we met. We got married on September 8, 2001. That morning was overcast and I thought it was going to rain all day. It actually cleared up and the sun came out, and in my opinion, had the best outdoor wedding ever. I remember thinking I didn't want it to end.


We lived here for the first 4 years we were married. Slone was born while we lived there. I loved that little house. It had stained glass windows and the cutest little porch.  We've since moved to the house we live in now, started the trucking business, had our share of ups and downs, but we've survived this far.



Sep 16 ,2010

I thought it was Kevin that came with Matt to the hobo?? I think you may have forgotten, or you were too busy looking at Matt to know;)


Sep 16 ,2010

What a neat story about meeting your husband! I worked at a camp with my future husband too, but I roped him into working there because we were already dating. Great photos!