Christmas ornaments

  • Dec, 01 , 10


I was in a Christmas ornament swap on flickr this past month. I know I've explained these swaps in the past. You should really check out flickr if you never have. There are tons of things to learn there.

Anyway, everyone had to do three ornaments. And you should receive three back. I have only received one back so far. I'm interested to see what else I get!

So for this swap, I did felt ornaments. For supplies you need: some felt, something to trace a circle, glue, sewing machine, some ricrac and sequins if you want.

ornament supplies

You will also need just a little bit of stuffing for them too. I also used the fabri-tac for attaching the sequins.

Start by tracing a faint circle on your felt. Then lay out your felt strips. I sewed these onto one side of the ornament before I cut the circles out. I also used the sewing machine to stitch all the way around the ornament (don't forget to leave a little opening to put the stuffing in). Then I cut the whole thing out with my pinking shears.



Once the ornament is cut out, you can stuff it. I then took a little scrap felt and some ricrac to fashion a little hangtab. Then I sewed it shut.



PS - I did not think these up on my own. I saw a picture of some that a girl made on her blog. I cannot, for the life of me, find said blog! When I do, I will post it!

Hope you have a terrific Christmas season!!