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  • freezer meals

    Posted on June 22 2011

    The other day I mentioned freezer meals. I have been reading a cookbook I got on amazon...
  • chalkboard pots

    Posted on March 09 2011

    I love terra cotta flower pots. love them. they are so timeless, rustic, and they are c...
  • chore chart

    Posted on January 13 2011

    If your house is anything like mine, your children whine, procrastinate, cry, beg not t...
  • Fleece Blanket Tutorial

    Posted on December 14 2010

    I know you all have seen these blankets a million times, but I absolutely love them! Th...
  • Christmas ornaments

    Posted on December 01 2010

    I was in a Christmas ornament swap on flickr this past month. I know I've explained the...