freezer meals

The other day I mentioned freezer meals. I have been reading a cookbook I got on amazon called "Fix, Freeze, Feast". Well, I did two meals all on my own yesterday. I made a honey chicken that is good for three meals. And I made beef and cheese burritos. They were awesome! (if I do say so myself:)

I'll tell ya about them, cuz I know you are dying to find out:)

First you need wax paper, tortillas, salsa con queso, taco meat, and some shredded cheese. Here's a pic just in case you are having trouble visualizing what any of those things are.

IMG_2746 copy

First, I tore off 12 -12x12- sheets of wax paper. They really could be smaller than that if you didn't want to waste it. But I wanted to make sure all of my burritos were covered, because there is not much I hate more than freezer burnt food.

Then you make a taco. Salsa con queso, meat, cheese. Oh, I had made my taco meat earlier in the week. I didn't have any taco seasoning so I used a can of Rotel and some water. I actually like that taste way better than any taco seasoning I've tried. There is about 5 pounds of hamburger there.

IMG_2748 copy

Roll her up like a burrito, then roll the wax paper around her the same way.

IMG_2749 copy

I placed 12 in a gallon freezer bag. Labeled them. And did 3 more gallon bags of them.

IMG_2750 copy

That's right, I ended up with 48 burritos:)

IMG_2752 copy

The best thing about these is that you can take one or two right out of the freezer and heat them in the microwave for about 1.5 mins and you're ready to eat! Therefore this makes them great for lunch time at our house! The boys like them a lot too!
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chalkboard pots

I love terra cotta flower pots. love them. they are so timeless, rustic, and they are cheap!

plain jane

I had some left over chalkboard paint from this project. I decided to paint it on just the top rim. It dries relatively quickly.


chalkboard pot

Then I used a white paint pen and drew some scallops on it.

I planted some succulents in it and wrote on it. I love how simple it is!

finished chalkboard pot

We are making these for MOPS on Monday morning! But we will be sharing some herb seeds instead of actual plants!
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chore chart

If your house is anything like mine, your children whine, procrastinate, cry, beg not to, act silly, and fight anytime you say "pick up your toys." No? Come on, admit it!

I would really love for my boys to act like their OCD neat and tidy father in this department. I was not born an organized person. Matt was. Mess and clutter drive him nuts. I, on the other hand, cannot work or create without everything spread out in front of me. But I am getting better! I promise!

But these messes that the boys are leaving out are driving me nuts. There are some things that they were getting the hang of without a chore chart, but I was thinking the incentive might help a little more. So I got busy on Illustrator. Illustrator is absolutely one of my favorite programs. You can draw on the computer! Does it get any better...

illustrator chore chart

I printed them out on two different colors of paper; orange for Slone, blue for Bo.

chore chart

Then I punched them out with my one inch hole punch.

hole punchin'

Bo helped me paint the gems with modge podge. (The gems are from the flower department at Hobby Lobby. I got the big ones.) Then we stuck the little chore circles on them and waited for them to dry.

modge podgin'

Then we painted another coat of modge podge on and again waited for them to dry.

waiting for it to dry

Once they were dry, we glued our magnets on. I got them at Hobby Lobby too. And the glue is e6000.


Then I just made a little chart on a piece of paper. I made boxes for each day of the week and if they complete all their chores for the day they get a check mark on that day. If they get a check everyday of the week, they get a dollar.

finished chore charts

I made the chores pretty simple, because, let's face it, I don't want this to be my chore chart. They have to get dressed, wash face, brush teeth, pick up toys, help with dishes, clear off the table, put shoes away, make beds, and an extra (whatever I need help with that day).

bo and his chart

It went over better than I thought the last couple of days. Slone is really into moving the chores over. Bo doesn't really care and just wants to check off everyday right now. We'll get there!

Do you want the chart print out for yourself? Well, click here! I'm giving it away! The chores should print out 1 inch square so you can follow the tutorial too!
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Fleece Blanket Tutorial


I know you all have seen these blankets a million times, but I absolutely love them! They are by far the warmest blankets, super soft and wash up like a dream.

I locked my keys in the car had some extra time to kill the other day and luckily Joann's was right across the parking lot. They had all of their fleece 50% off. I had just made one of these blankets for someone for Christmas and really wanted one for myself when I was done with it. I found this awesome gray houndstooth fleece. I love it! I thought about putting it with red, which I still think would look really good, but I went with a mustard yellow. It looks so good together.

I got two and a half yards though instead of the two yards that was suggested. I like my blankets up around my neck and still covering my feet. To me, this is the perfect size.

First things first, lay both of your fleece pieces out flat, one on top of the other. This way you can cut through both layers at the same time and everything will match up easily. You will need to cut a square out of the corner. I cut mine about 4x4 inches. You will need to cut it the same lengths that you will be cutting your strips.

step one

I did one side at a time. I cut about one inch strips all the way down one side and then came back and knotted them all. Then I cut the next corner out, cut the strips on that side, then knotted them.

step two

yummy knots all in a row

Do all four sides and you're done! The fleece ended up being around $3-5 a yard with the half off discount. So I got a great blanket for around $25!

Sorry these aren't in the greatest light. It was dark at 4:30:( Is it spring yet?
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Christmas ornaments


I was in a Christmas ornament swap on flickr this past month. I know I've explained these swaps in the past. You should really check out flickr if you never have. There are tons of things to learn there.

Anyway, everyone had to do three ornaments. And you should receive three back. I have only received one back so far. I'm interested to see what else I get!

So for this swap, I did felt ornaments. For supplies you need: some felt, something to trace a circle, glue, sewing machine, some ricrac and sequins if you want.

ornament supplies

You will also need just a little bit of stuffing for them too. I also used the fabri-tac for attaching the sequins.

Start by tracing a faint circle on your felt. Then lay out your felt strips. I sewed these onto one side of the ornament before I cut the circles out. I also used the sewing machine to stitch all the way around the ornament (don't forget to leave a little opening to put the stuffing in). Then I cut the whole thing out with my pinking shears.



Once the ornament is cut out, you can stuff it. I then took a little scrap felt and some ricrac to fashion a little hangtab. Then I sewed it shut.



PS - I did not think these up on my own. I saw a picture of some that a girl made on her blog. I cannot, for the life of me, find said blog! When I do, I will post it!

Hope you have a terrific Christmas season!!
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Christmas Planner Tutorial

Ok, I've got another tutorial for you! Actually, this is just a redo of a tutorial that I saw here: I was actually really excited about this when I saw it. I've been becoming a list maker. If you knew me at all in school, you should be very surprised! But lists actually help get all my work done everyday....well, not all my work gets done everyday. But it's nice to know when you are almost done with it!

So here's what you need: a notebook (I scored a bunch of these at Walmart during back to school time for a quarter apiece.), some cute Christmas scrapbooking paper, ribbon, 2 5x7 manilla envelopes, and any scrapbooking supplies you want. I highly recommend the glue dots. It saves a lot of wait time for the glue drying. And some of the papers might bubble up if you use liquid glue.


First, you will need to glue down a yard long ribbon around your notebook. (sorry, no pic) The glue dots work fine for this too!

Then cut out your papers and glue dot them on.


Your design can be anything you want on the front. Be creative! Here's my mom working on her book.


We also used the lid from the ribbon jar for a template for the circles:)

cuttin n pastin

This is how my table looked during the whole process. Sometimes you can't function if you can't see everything you have;)


You also need some 5x7 manilla envelopes. Glue dot them to the inside of your notebook. One to hold coupons, the other to hold receipts.



Then you are ready to add some tabs to your planner. I just used the scraps of my paper to fold little tabs and my stapler to attach them to my pages. There is a list tab, calendar tab, menu tab, and cards tab. I have everyone listed that I need to get gifts for. As I get the gifts, I write down what I get them and check their name off.


The calendar is some printed off pages from I just glue dotted them too. This way I can keep track of all the parties and shopping days!

calendar pages

The menu tab is a place to keep any Christmas recipes that I find and want to take with me to the next party. You could also make a shopping list here too.

The cards tab is a place to list everyone you are sending cards too this year.

And there you have it! A Christmas Planner for your holidays!

christmas planner

Want to make one? You know it! We're going to make these at MOPS on Monday, November 8!

Here's our blog for MOPS:


Check it out! Hope you can come!
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apple printing

Ok, so this might be a little old-school, but I think the end result is cool. It reminds me of a craft we might have done at vbs or something. But remember, it's all in the packaging...

apple print cards I right? Tie up a little set of notecards with a brown ribbon and you have yourself a great little gift for someone or keep 'em pretty for yourself.

Here are my supplies:

card supplies pads in fall colors..some fall stamps..alphabet stamps..ribbon
I got everything at Joann's. Save your coupons for Joann's, it helps...really!

You may cut your apples either way. Up and down gives you the traditional looking apple print.


And crosswise gives you a cool star print in the middle.


Make sure to wipe all the excess juice off of the cut apple. I just used a plain old paper towel. Then take your stamp pad to the apple. I did a few practice prints on a sheet of paper just to get a feel for it. It also helps to fold up a paper towel under your card so your apple can print evenly.


See the cool star print? I jazzed it up with some fall stamps I got for a buck.


I also used my letters...just in case you weren't sure:) And my sharpie to add some detail.


Just a fun little way to help welcome in the fall!


We are making these at MOPS on Monday, October 11 at 8:45am! Come and join the fun! Click the MOPS pic for more info!

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a stencil bag

the finished bag

Not really a fan of stencils. When I think of them, I think of the little hearts and the country blue ribbons that everyone used to paint on the bulkheads in their kitchens. You know what I'm talking about. But this bag is just way too cool. I can't take credit for it though. Here's where I got the idea. But I'm going to show you how to do it.

You need a paper doily. You can find these with all the cake making stuff at Hobby Lobby or Joann. I found a pack of the bags (they come in 3s) and some fabric paint in the same aisle at Hobby Lobby. You also need some spray glue. I have some quilt basting spray which is esencially spray glue and it worked just fine. Just make sure to spray it all.


Position your doily where you want it and start painting. It works best if you "pounce" the brush instead of actually trying to brush it on. Make sure that you pull the doily off while the paint is still wet too. Then you need to draw your initial on the bag. I traced around a metal "w" that I have sitting on my desk. It turned out to be the perfect size.


Then paint it in.


Like it? Want to make one with me? Come to our MOPS group on Monday, September 13. It's the craft that we are going to do. Click here for some more info on MOPS.

the finished bag
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