week 7

  • Feb, 23 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com

So last week's reading was a lot of directions on how to build the temple, the ark, the clothes of the priest. A lot of rules basically. Rules on how to give offerings...which offerings for which sins. Rules on what to eat and what not to eat.

But I'm going to focus on the first part - the building of the temple and the ark and the clothes - this week.

God is so awesome to include this in the Bible. Well, He's awesome anyway. But this time it's like those pages were meant to speak to me. Now don't get me wrong...a lot of it was boooring. But so is sewing pattern reading (I think anyway). In order for something that we make to come out right, we have to follow a pattern.  We have to read it. We have to learn it. We have to follow the directions in order to get it right.

And almost everytime that I've thought I can do it better than that pattern, it comes out wonky. And let's face it, wonky isn't good enough for God. Thank goodness Jesus is as far from wonky as it gets. Praise Him for wanting to share that perfectness with me.



Feb 23 ,2011

Also love “wonky.” I also didn’t see it from that perspective, but wish I had as it would have helped keep my eyes on the page. Did anyone else almost doze off while reading this?? I guess my thought about this is how detailed God gets. I tend to see him big picture, not in the details, but he is detailed! It was nice to know that God is thinking of all the little things that make up the whole…

Laurie J

Feb 23 ,2011

ok. love the word wonky and also love the perspective about God wanting us to share in the perfectness by following directions. never thought of it that way before!