Exodus 40 - Numbers 5

Fun reading, isn't it? See why last year I quit posting about this time? :)

Ever wonder why God has some many rules?...

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Exodus 20-39

Have you ever sewn anything from a pattern? No? Have you ever followed a recipe? I think most people have done that. At some point in...

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Almost a week late - sorry!!

I love the story of Moses. I feel like a kid when I read it. I can remember teachers I had, and how they told...

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Job 19-40

Good Morning! Did you get through part of Job this week? I will still say that it's hard. I am a lot like Job's friends, I...

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Genesis 45-50 & Job 1-18

Week 3 and in Job. Job is hard for me. Is it hard for you to read? Sometimes (depending on where I'm at...

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Only week two and I'm a day late! Sorry!

Yesterday, I went to a visitation for a man that I really only had spoken to a few times in...

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