week 6

  • Feb, 16 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com

Always complaining....the Israelites. Did you think I meant me? Well, I did, I guess. I had this conversation with Lyn yesterday.

Why aren't we (as people in general) ever satisfied? I guess we could blame it on our society, but the society in 1500 BC was quite different and they were never satisfied. In Exodus 16, they were delivered from slavery of the Egyptians but told God they'd rather have had Him kill them in Egypt than let them starve free. Whoa, talk about ungrateful.

So God gave them manna. Then they couldn't even follow the rules on how to gather it. Then it became too dull for them. Then they wanted meat. The whole time God was providing for them, and they were ungrateful.

I think about my life. I have probably one of the most hardworking men in the state as my husband, and I complain about him not always spending time with us. But I easily walk out the door and spend way to much at target on a monthly weekly basis.
I have a decent house that keeps me warm, is bigger than the last one, and is comfortable, but I want a newer bigger one.
I complain about my children whining, fighting, and acting like boys, but they are healthy.

By Exodus 32, the Israelites are so delirious, they decide to build a golden calf. All I can say is guilty. There are tons of things that get in the way of my relationship with God. Aren't they really idols if they are in the way?

But Moses intervened for them. Sound familiar? Jesus did for us...for me. Even if I were the one last sinner, He would've died for me. He says so in John.

I going to try to put the complaining behind me. Move on, head up, and happy today:)


Jami Nato

Feb 16 ,2011

i agree with this. it’s just crazy how ungrateful we can be when we have so much…uggg, i’m so so guilty.


Feb 16 ,2011

I was so surprised to find your blog and what you are reading! I also live in the central Illinois area and have seen your bags around for years. And I also began reading this exact Bible this year. Its funny the way God calls people to things! I recently started a blog myself and will be following yours. I’ll add a link on my site to Moreygirl because I think my friends would love to read!