week 5

Well, I missed week 4! I read but didn't post. Did you finish Job? What did you think of God's response to Job? I really like how Job's story ends..."Then he died, an old man who had lived a long, full life." Job 42:17

Then I moved on to Moses. I love the stories in the first five books of the Bible. I think it comes from a Sunday school book that we studied when I was in junior high. I can't remember how long we had that book but we went through everything in Genesis through Deuteronomy. I wish I still had that study book.

I love the story of Moses! I love how his mother crafted a basket to set him off in. I love how Miriam followed him. I love that the princess took him in, and Miriam had enough guts to tell her about her own mother. I love that he screwed up HUGE! (just so I don't feel so bad about myself.) I love that he didn't have enough guts to come back and speak, that he thought he couldn't do it. I love that he did it eventually.




I just kept thinking how annoyed I would be as Moses…I mean he performs miracle after miracle from the Lord and all his “followers” keep doubting and complaining.

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