week 2

  • Jan, 18 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com

So what did you think this week? Did you read everyday? Which story stuck out to you? Maybe a little sewing in the Bible? Well, I'm sure they didn't have something as cute as this then:)

sweet sewing machine - print

This time Jacob stuck out to me, but not his usual stories. This time he was an old man with 12 sons. He had 12, count them 12, but Genesis 37:3 says he loved Joseph more than any of the others. He loved him so much he had a special gift made for him...a coat of many colors. By verse 5, Joseph had a dream and it says "the brothers hated him more than ever."

Think of how Jacob showed his emotion toward his favorite son. He loved him so much he had something beautiful made for him. I had never really thought about Jacob having it made. I'm assuming he didn't make it himself, but he knew the importance of giving a beautiful gift. It was something special, special to Jacob. I'm sure the reason it was colorful was because that's how Jacob wanted it.

Now think of Joseph's brothers. How one coat symbolized love in one man's eyes, it was a reason for hate in another's. Jealousy.

The Bible mentions the robe a few more times, each time expressing it was a beautiful robe. Gen 37:23, "the brothers ripped off the beautiful robe." Gen 37:31-32, "they dipped the robe in blood and sent the beautiful robe to their father." Of course, Jacob instantly recognized it as Joseph's robe.

It's amazing how things can have such an effect on us. Joseph knew he was loved. He knew because of the coat. I wonder if it even helped him be more bold when he was spouting off his dreams to his brothers? His brothers could plainly see that Jacob loved Joseph more, and they were jealous.

I pray that something I give, doesn't cause strife like that. I hope that in my life, I can know, that because of certain gifts, I am loved; that I can be more bold.

Just a little thought that stuck out to me today. Remember to let me know what you thought!