chore chart

  • Jan, 13 , 11

If your house is anything like mine, your children whine, procrastinate, cry, beg not to, act silly, and fight anytime you say "pick up your toys." No? Come on, admit it!

I would really love for my boys to act like their OCD neat and tidy father in this department. I was not born an organized person. Matt was. Mess and clutter drive him nuts. I, on the other hand, cannot work or create without everything spread out in front of me. But I am getting better! I promise!

But these messes that the boys are leaving out are driving me nuts. There are some things that they were getting the hang of without a chore chart, but I was thinking the incentive might help a little more. So I got busy on Illustrator. Illustrator is absolutely one of my favorite programs. You can draw on the computer! Does it get any better...

illustrator chore chart

I printed them out on two different colors of paper; orange for Slone, blue for Bo.

chore chart

Then I punched them out with my one inch hole punch.

hole punchin'

Bo helped me paint the gems with modge podge. (The gems are from the flower department at Hobby Lobby. I got the big ones.) Then we stuck the little chore circles on them and waited for them to dry.

modge podgin'

Then we painted another coat of modge podge on and again waited for them to dry.

waiting for it to dry

Once they were dry, we glued our magnets on. I got them at Hobby Lobby too. And the glue is e6000.


Then I just made a little chart on a piece of paper. I made boxes for each day of the week and if they complete all their chores for the day they get a check mark on that day. If they get a check everyday of the week, they get a dollar.

finished chore charts

I made the chores pretty simple, because, let's face it, I don't want this to be my chore chart. They have to get dressed, wash face, brush teeth, pick up toys, help with dishes, clear off the table, put shoes away, make beds, and an extra (whatever I need help with that day).

bo and his chart

It went over better than I thought the last couple of days. Slone is really into moving the chores over. Bo doesn't really care and just wants to check off everyday right now. We'll get there!

Do you want the chart print out for yourself? Well, click here! I'm giving it away! The chores should print out 1 inch square so you can follow the tutorial too!



Jan 13 ,2011

oh my goodness—-this is great!
we are always looking for ways to get the kids excited about chores. i’m so tired of being a nag—-i might have to impliment this in our house!

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Jan 13 ,2011

What a great idea. My daughter is really struggling to find a way to get the kids a bit more motivated and chore organized. Instead of always nagging at them too. This I think might work, they love magnets of any kind, my fridge is full and this could be a bit of a game maybe for them.

I will pass this on to her and see how it goes, thanks again.