week 8

  • Mar, 03 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com

Well? How's the reading coming? I will admit this last week was kinda boring. My dad says read it anyway, because one day you'll be having a conversation with somebody and you'll need to know that information. Ok, ok. I'm still not sure, but I did sign up to read ALL of it!

So what stuck out to me? Uncleanliness. It's mentioned A LOT. There was trying to figure out if a wife cheated on her husband by drinking the bitter water. unclean. And how many days a woman if to be unclean for her period and after she had a baby (different if she had a boy than a girl). All the different sacrifices to give for different kinds of uncleanliness. What kind of animals to eat. unclean or not?

I guess maybe the last one there is where I've needed to read this because it has been the topic of conversation before.

I do believe the whole Bible is the word of God, but I also believe Jesus paid the price for our sins and He was the ultimate sacrifice so we don't have to offer animal sacrifices anymore (thank goodness) or follow certain rules (I'm not talking about the 10 commandments here).

Jesus also talks about worrying more about what's coming out of our mouth rather than what's going in it (Matthew 15:11-20). He says that the unclean things that we say and think are coming from an unclean heart. Oh, man, how many times has a horrible thing come out of my mouth? And I'm gonna worry about the bacon and eggs that I had for breakfast instead of dealing with my dirty heart! See His point?

I think I'm going to focus on my heart and mouth this week.

Oh, and I've had a few people say to me "you must have it all together" or "where do you find the time?" I do not have it all together, nor do I have the time. Sadly, my mouth is the last thing I usually have control over. The next thing is the house. So while you might see a neat and tidy blog and I'm starting Whoa Nellie Crafts, this is what my desk looked like afterward:

desk (crafty side)

desk (tax time side)

And my children "suffering" with all their toys while I work:)

living room after too many crafts and taxes



Mar 03 ,2011

I just kept thinking how tiring it would be to always have to be counting days of being unclean, remembering all the things that would make me unclean, and then how to be cleansed…Glad God sent Jesus to help us all out!

Love the pics of your “organization” I feel less alone! : )