freezer meals

  • Jun, 22 , 11

The other day I mentioned freezer meals. I have been reading a cookbook I got on amazon called "Fix, Freeze, Feast". Well, I did two meals all on my own yesterday. I made a honey chicken that is good for three meals. And I made beef and cheese burritos. They were awesome! (if I do say so myself:)

I'll tell ya about them, cuz I know you are dying to find out:)

First you need wax paper, tortillas, salsa con queso, taco meat, and some shredded cheese. Here's a pic just in case you are having trouble visualizing what any of those things are.

IMG_2746 copy

First, I tore off 12 -12x12- sheets of wax paper. They really could be smaller than that if you didn't want to waste it. But I wanted to make sure all of my burritos were covered, because there is not much I hate more than freezer burnt food.

Then you make a taco. Salsa con queso, meat, cheese. Oh, I had made my taco meat earlier in the week. I didn't have any taco seasoning so I used a can of Rotel and some water. I actually like that taste way better than any taco seasoning I've tried. There is about 5 pounds of hamburger there.

IMG_2748 copy

Roll her up like a burrito, then roll the wax paper around her the same way.

IMG_2749 copy

I placed 12 in a gallon freezer bag. Labeled them. And did 3 more gallon bags of them.

IMG_2750 copy

That's right, I ended up with 48 burritos:)

IMG_2752 copy

The best thing about these is that you can take one or two right out of the freezer and heat them in the microwave for about 1.5 mins and you're ready to eat! Therefore this makes them great for lunch time at our house! The boys like them a lot too!



Jun 22 ,2011

yummo those look very tasty … perfect idea for lunch … i get so tired of eating what i make for the kids!


Jun 22 ,2011

That’s funny! I was just talking tomy husband about how I am in a cooking rut and that it is my goal to start freezing meals! I am going to check this book out. Thanks!