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craftiness and indecisiveness

Posted on September 07 2011

I'm in charge of the creative activities at MOPS. And our first meeting of the year is next Monday! I'm so excited! So excited in fact, that I can't decide on a craft!!

I really, really want to make these:

I think I will make them today and see how hard they would be to teach. We are going to have a little bit of extra time on Monday for crafts so it might be a good day to teach these. And I already have the knit fabric.

Or we can do these:
IMG_3724 copy

I crocheted the ruffle edge on the EAT towel...too much for mops? I can teach that part or we can just glue on the ribbons and ricrac. Maybe I'll just take both and let them decide there!

The idea for the towels came from Life Made Lovely. She had a post on them. She saw them here. I kind of did my own little take on them:)

Tell me, which would you rather do? I can always save one for a later meeting.


  • kinze: September 07, 2011

    LOVE those bracelets and those exact colors … if you need to make an extra for an example … i know a wrist that would love to wear one!

  • mickev: September 07, 2011

    Jersey bracelets, hands down!! Both are cute, but the bracelets will make me feel prettier : )

  • Rachel @ Pleased as Punch: September 07, 2011

    Depending on how many women you have, even simple finger knitting will likely be too complicated. Maybe just do the bracelets braided? And you can have the option of making one strand bling-y…know what I mean? Our mops starts the 20th…can’t get here fast enough!

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