Celebrating your Creativity

  • Oct, 18 , 11
  • windish01@yahoo.com
Have you read this before? Do you understand it? Do you realize what it implies?

I'll give you a hint. It's the last line.

Do you love yourself?

Or do you tear yourself down? Do you have a running downgrading list in your head all the time? 

Are you not good enough? Smart enough? Pretty enough? Creative enough?

You see, before you can ever love another, you have to love yourself. And I'm not talking about a puffed up, conceited jerk. I'm talking about having respect for yourself. To know that {because of JESUS} you are worth loving.

So the next time you are tempted to say "I can't do this" "I'm just not that creative", try it! You might like it. You might just succeed at it! 

A little disclaimer here: I struggle with this too. I think so&so's better than I am at this and that. I get it! This is just a reminder to you and to me that we are worth it!
By the way, the reference for this verse is Galatians 5:14.



Oct 18 ,2011

I liked your post a lot, thank you for sharing…I think also that “loving your neighbor as yourself” means providing for others the way we provide for ourselves. Things like, if we have basic clothing needs, and food, (which is a way to “love” ourselves) then it’s our responsibility to do the same for others. I’ve chewed on this verse for many years and this is how I’ve come to view it.
Great post to get people thinking!

Natassia @ Nat's Knapsack

Oct 18 ,2011

Amen! Thank you for the push! through God we can do anything!!!