Creative God - week 6

  • Feb, 13 , 12
Exodus 20-39

Have you ever sewn anything from a pattern? No? Have you ever followed a recipe? I think most people have done that. At some point in your life, you have followed directions. Now what happens when you don't follow directions? Well, it usually doesn't turn out the way we hoped.

I think it's pretty awesome that our God laid out all the instructions for the Israelites way back when. That He had a plan or pattern for everything. He knew how He wanted it to be, right down to the stitches on the priests robes. 

It's awesome that He took the time to dictate all of it. If He took that much time telling us how He wanted the temple, I wonder how much time He took to make us. How much thought He puts into each and everyone of us. 

A Creative God indeed!