Creative God - week 2

  • Jan, 17 , 12
Only week two and I'm a day late! Sorry!

Yesterday, I went to a visitation for a man that I really only had spoken to a few times in my life. But those few times had a serious impact on me and I wanted his family to know. You see, about 4 years ago...just a few weeks from the exact dad was in a serious accident. It was foggy that day and another semi pulled out in front of my dad's and he went straight into it.

It was a pretty exhausting day at the hospital. We were there most of the day since the accident happened that morning. While we were in the waiting area of the emergency room, one of the brothers that owned the other truck showed up. He just wanted to make sure Dad was ok and that we were ok. He stuck around for awhile just to be sure, gave us all hugs, and told us he was praying. 

Fast forward a couple of years and I was attending a mom's group in our small town. I actually got to know his daughter a little bit. We chatted about her dad. I even told her about his visit to the er that day. We didn't really get a chance to be great friends though, her family was relocated to another town. But you could tell that she was just as sweet as her dad.

And last night I stood in line for five hours at her dad's visitation. He was suddenly killed in a single car accident. He was 56. There were more people there than I think anyone expected. I am pretty sure his family realizes how truly loved he was. How he surely must have blessed his friends and community. What a witness he was.

I kept thinking about what I had read yesterday morning. How Joseph was sold into slavery and ended up in Egypt just to be able to save the lives of his family later on (Genesis 45). God provided even when Jacob thought his son was lost. He knew what needed to happen in order for them to survive. It's definitely not what Jacob had in mind and I'm sure that not what this family had in mind either. But there is a plan. God has a divine plan that we cannot understand.

== Did you guys have a good week reading? I hope so! Keep it up! ==



Jan 17 ,2012

wow heather … this really touched my heart … i will never forget your dad’s accident … what a true miracle that he is still with us today … praise God. and what an awesome example this man that visited your dad in the er has left behind … of just following your heart and doing what the holy spirit asks us to do!


Jan 17 ,2012

What an awesome story. I hope his family received great comfort in knowing how truly loved and admired their dad/husband/brother, etc was and is. So incredible that you were able to see God in all of this and relate it to what He is telling in the Bible. Very inspiring and peace providing. Thanks!