Creative God - week 1

  • Jan, 09 , 12

Here we go again! Let me start off by saying, I already had to read two days in one this week! But so is life. I'm sure there are going to be more weeks like the last. But I'm staying kept up this year. I still write in my thanks journal. That seems to help me more than anything right now. Hopefully, I can do the reading right along with it this whole year!

It's kind of funny how things work out though when you are reading the Bible everyday. I subscribe to Mark Driscoll's pod casts (look them up in itunes). He's the pastor out at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. He and his wife just wrote a new book about marriage, which is pretty awesome too. But I usually listen to a podcast, which is about an hour long, while I do my paperwork. One of the latest ones was the story of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Life. He, of course, connected it to marriage and his book.

All of these Old Testament stories are some of favorites. I can see the flannel-graphs and those big 8x10 cards in my head that my teachers used when I was little, when I read these stories again. I love these stories, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau. It's funny how your perspective changes on these stories when you grow up and have kids of your own. I am always overly empathetic when I read stories. Always putting myself in their shoes. Wondering why Rebekah would favor one boy over the other. Finding it interesting that Isaac lied and said Rebekah was his sister, the same as his father Abraham lied about Sarah being his.  Noah is probably one of my favorite stories though. I wrote a blog about doing what God tells us to do last year. I would hope that I could do what He says, but I still fail at the small things sometimes.

Never "good enough", but Grace is enough.

Let me know what your favorite was this week! I hope you followed along too!



Jan 09 ,2012

I’ve been reading, but not chronologically. Can I still post? I am in Jeremiah. I am reading about the sorrow that God feels when we sin. I never really thought about it before, but now – as a parent- I get it. He just wants us to do the right thing, and he feels anger and sadness when we do wrong – just like I do as a parent. But is he all forgiving! Yay, God!!