Creative God Series

  • Dec, 29 , 11
What do you think? You want to try this again with me? I failed miserably last year at reading everyday. But I've had some interest from some fellow bloggers in it lately and if you want to read along with me, I'll try it again!

i serve a creavite GOD

Here are the rules again for a recap:

Here's the deal:

  • In order to follow along, get a one-year chronological Bible. I don't really think that the translations matter that much. The one I have is the New Living Translation. It's super easy to read. 
  • Read it everyday, then we'll check in here on Mondays. I'm going to blog my favorite and/or inspiring verse and I want you to either write your own post (leave a comment with a link there) or leave your thoughts right in the comments.
  • Spread the word! Use the button at the bottom to let others know what we are doing. 

Notice, I changed the second point from a whole post about the reading to a verse. Part of the reason these posts didn't get done is because I was just too lazy to write the post. Just being honest here. And just like always, making excuses for not spending my alone time with God. 



So are you in?

Here's the button if you are! Copy the code.



i serve a creavite GOD



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Dec 29 ,2011

I swear to you, God sends us in directions and before we know it, we have a new friend! I spent an hour on YOUR blog last night! You are so cool woman? I think it was nat’s napsack that linked to your creative god series and I immediately found a new bible study on my iPad so I could follow along with you.
So, I’m in with ya for as long as I can keep up!
Can’t wait to find out more about you and your blog…and kiddos! Boys are so cool. Hey you should friend me on Facebook…

Nats Knapsack

Dec 29 ,2011

I agree with retrohipmama! you are awesome :) Im glad she found you! I am back again to re-read how this all works! I really want to do this!