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the long and short of it

Posted on December 27 2011

So on the nights that we just stay at home and watch tv, this is what I do:)

long cowl

 I crochet. It's not knitting. I use a hook, not needles. It's fun. You should really try it. 

Ever since I saw this thick chunky yarn, I have wanted to make a cowl. But I wasn't sure if I like long cowls or short cowls:)

short cowl 

So I made one of each... What do you think? Long?

long cowl 

or short? 

short cowl

Oh yeah, I'm going to be adding these and some more colors to the new improved shop soon!


  • Emily: December 30, 2011

    Its the infinity scarf right? Like it;)

  • jeanofalltrades: December 30, 2011

    I love them! The shorter one is my favorit, but perhaps because I just bought one from someone locally.

    I wosh I could crochet. I’ll have to check out your shop.

  • kinze: December 31, 2011

    i like em both … but i am really liking that burnt orange longer one! you can never go wrong with a scarf great way to jazz up an outfit!

  • Mrs. Dunbar: December 28, 2011

    that was me, up above, signed in as “coupons.”

  • Heather: December 29, 2011

    Love them both, but I think I prefer the longer. I really like the yellow color though!

  • Momma of The B.M.C. Report: December 28, 2011

    Oh my:: I LOVE these! The short one is my fav!

  • lori: December 28, 2011

    i LOVE both of these… the short one is my have… especially the color! loveee the bright color!

  • coupons: December 28, 2011

    I think I like the short one better, but it just might be that bright yellow. Seriously cute.

  • Lora: December 28, 2011

    i love that canary yellow one! so happy and bright. :) i want to make one of those – all i’ve been able to crochet so far is plain old scarves. is it hard to stitch the ends together?

  • Laurie J: December 28, 2011

    that long one rocks.

  • Liz: December 28, 2011

    EEEEK!!! Love them :)I need to learn to crochet!!

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