My "Helpers" ?

Yesterday, I had to clean up my office to get everything from last weekend's gift show put away. Slone decided he wanted to help, but was more of a ham for the camera than help. He loves his new Sponge Bob pajamas:)

Bo, on the other hand, is no help. But look how cute he is:) I get the best smiles out of him when he is in his highchair....always hungry.
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EtsyBaby's Mother's Day Promo

So, I'm a member of a great street team on Etsy called Etsybaby. If you type in Etsybaby on the search at etsy, you will come up with tons of great stuff for baby! It's a fun way to stay connected. I believe that it has truly boosted my shop's exposure too!

Check out my shop for the full details, but here are a couple picture of the $50 prize that you could walk away with! Thanks to Annie from for the pics! She has some cutie shoes that you should check out too;)
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My first blog

Let's see how this works out! I am thinking that this would be a lot more fun than an old stuffy site where you can never tell if it is updated. I love to know the why and how behind what someone is making. So I guess you will all get to watch me learn the ins and outs of blogging.

These are some burpies that I made for a sweet little girl! They turned out so cute and girly. She also received this great minky blanket too. It has a silky ruffle around the edge.

So, I'll be back tomorrow with some new pics and new items added to my etsy shop! I am really excited about all of them!
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